Thursday, September 24, 2009

Next up, sisters! ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

These two were a hoot. I have to tell you that little sister Alexa is quite the ham. Don't let the sweet little smile and come hither eyes fool you. She's a pistol. She and I had an understanding. She could make a silly face for the camera followed by what we called a 'sweet smile'. She loved it! It went something like this.....




For about fifty frames! I was cracking up!

And big sister, well, she's not afraid to be in front of the camera either. Both of them were perfect little subjects. And that makes my job a whole lot easier.




Tomorrow, The Giffins!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

More updates!~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

So looky there! I made it back two days in a row. Woot for me! Ok, so more updating on my sessions of late (see the below post for more info).
Next we have Miles and Nolan. Two daaahhhling little cousins that were just the sweetest little guys. No fits, no crying, no tantrums. Just smiles, smiles, smiles. Love that! We were lucky enough to get permission to use a beautiful house that has it's own river front beach. So fab. And Nolan got his first feel of sand. It really was darling. Miles is the older of the two and he was like a big brother to Nolan. Leading him around everywhere, making sure he was following him, pulling him into the river. Yeah, we had some dashing moms on that one. But overall the morning was wonderful and great and I hope to work with these two little stars again!



8 copy

nolan5 copymiles3

Tomorrow sisters Emily and Alexa!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where have I been?? Running around like a crazy person!~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

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My poor, poor, little blog. It's been neglected and forgotten. Ok, I'm going to buckle down and try to fill this little baby out proper! I've been pretty busy this summer, but I love it! Meeting new people, working with darling little faces, and capturing the beauty of brides. For the next few days I'm going to try and catch up with this summers 'missing sessions'.
Lets start with one of the most darling couples ever. I love 'E' sessions (engagement sessions) because I feel you really get a chance to connect with the couple and, get this!, they stay when you pose them! It's amazing! Unlike kiddos, (which I adore and love photographing) seniors and couples stay right where you tell them to. : )
So onward and upward to the some of my favorites from Bo and Taya's session.
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