Saturday, February 20, 2010

Am I the luckiest Photographer ever? Why, yes. Yes I am : ) ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Why? Well because I was lucky enough to photograph these two beautiful sisters and they just could not be any more adorable inside or out. Just the sweetest little things. I think the dynamic between sisters is something that is so special and it's always a goal of mine to capture a bit of that in a photograph. I think we may have got a few magical shots.





girls6 BW

A living doll. ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

What a sweet, sweet baby. Little Miss Eve just couldn't be more adorable and I was lucky enough to capture a little bit of her adorableness.





Threes a magic number ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Anytime you can get a lovely family out in a golden wheat field, good things will happen : )





Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Brother and a Sister. A very special bond. ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Sometimes it's hard to feel a connection between siblings. Sometimes they fight, the bicker, get on each others nerves, and often times that shows through when trying to pose them together for pictures. But not with these two. Even after Mom let me in on the secret that these haven't been getting along very well lately, I couldn't tell at all! They were gems to work with and I felt like there was a really special bond between these two. Obviously one that a few arguments could never hide.





Like in a movie....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Available Now! Hand Drawn Design Overlays for your Photographs ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Set #1
Completely hand drawn by myself, these design overlays can be used in a lot of different applications. On cards, invitations, right on a photograph, rep cards, business postcards, business cards, in albums. All the files are .PSD format on a transparent background and you can even change the colors of the textured files or create your own with clipping masks! Also, if you want,just duplicate, turn, and place to create an easy whole picture frame. These files really are so easy to work with.
Each design comes with five different colors. White, black, and an assortment of three textures and colors.
These images are NOT brushes. Each file is a high quality, 300 ppi, large, graphic design image.
20 files in the set.
Overlays for Blog


Monday, February 8, 2010

Square Canvas Wrap Collage Template ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Now available for canvas wraps with a 1.5" edge. Minimum size recommendation is 8x8. This example shows the edge placement on a 10x10 canvas. Completely customizable unflattened .PSD file with clipping masks for easy photo insertion. Change the text, background color, frame colors, frame placements, and even remove the brushes if you like. Comes without the lines shown here as a guide but does come with WHCC's edge guide for a 10x10 gallery wrap.
brown collage3 with guides


Saturday, February 6, 2010

FREE 'Primary Fun' 3x3 Accordion Album Template ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Enjoy this new 3x3 accordion album template. Designed to be used with WHCC's 3x3 square accordion album. You can use the included covers if you choose the 'Custom Cover' option.
Want a free 3x3 Accordion Template?

Download HERE!

**This template is not to be sold, distributed, or passed along.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Design Guides: Inspiration For Your Walls ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Now Available! My brand new Design Guides for photographers. Use the guides to inspire your clients with these framing ideas. 25 fully customizable .PSD files. In 5x7 format these guides can easily be sent to your lab and bound into a proofing book. Take with you to clients homes to show how their prints can look on their walls. Or add the 'rooms' to your clients online galleries with their own pictures inside. Included clipping masks make it easy to add and resize your images in the templates. These guides will increase sales and be an invaluable asset to your business and sales flow.

Blog Cover





-Set of 24 Unique Rooms and 1 customizable cover (shown above). Pages and cover can be customized with your own colors, logo, pics, and layers can be added, moved, or taken out.

-5x7 format. Perfect to send to your lab and have bound into an easy to carry and share photo book.

-12 Black silhouette

-12 White silhouette

-Customizable wall, floor, and trim colors.

-Included clipping masks for easy photo insertion and sizing.

-Each frame is an individual layer. So you can customize as you want. Turn vertical or horizontal, change size, turn off layer completely, or move around your wall.

-Compatible with most all versions of Photoshop CS and Elements.

-Unflattened .PSD files for full customization.


After payment has been received you will get a link to download the files via email within 24 hours or sooner. Most of the time sooner! ; )