Friday, February 12, 2010

Available Now! Hand Drawn Design Overlays for your Photographs ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Set #1
Completely hand drawn by myself, these design overlays can be used in a lot of different applications. On cards, invitations, right on a photograph, rep cards, business postcards, business cards, in albums. All the files are .PSD format on a transparent background and you can even change the colors of the textured files or create your own with clipping masks! Also, if you want,just duplicate, turn, and place to create an easy whole picture frame. These files really are so easy to work with.
Each design comes with five different colors. White, black, and an assortment of three textures and colors.
These images are NOT brushes. Each file is a high quality, 300 ppi, large, graphic design image.
20 files in the set.
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