Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ashley, Senior Class of 2011 ~ Oregon City Photographer

Garden settings are a great place for portraits. Benches, trees, flowers, little nooks of beauty all over the place. And making those spots work are easier with such a pretty subject. Miss Ashley was a pleasure to work with! Sometimes people are a natural in front of the camera. It can be a little unnerving but Ashley did great. Senior portraits really run in two camps. In the fall, getting ready to submit your yearbook photo. The summer, getting ready for the graduation ceremony. I get a run on seniors both times of the year and like I've mentioned before seniors are some of my favorite types of sessions to do. Call me today to set up your appointment and hear about all the great deals and I offer my seniors and my returning seniors!


  1. These are all great! I love the one of her laughing on the chair! I didnt realize she was my age! I kinda recognize her but not enough to know she was in my grade!

  2. Thanks Miss Hannah! Yeah, she's only 17. Such a sweet girl!