Thursday, July 16, 2009

Golf swings, sun flare, and my baby boy.~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

Ryder has always been my little buddy, my baby. But now he's morphing into Daddy's clone. And boy oh boy, was that ever present tonight in the backyard while he was practicing his golf swing. He's just growing up too quickly. Every once in awhile I get these little glimpses of the man thats on the horizon.  I can see so much of his Dad in him and that is a wonderful thing. But here I was just trying to practice capturing some sun flare and nice bokeh but what I saw through my lens was my baby turning into this grown up person! I adore him dearly and his light will brighten anyones day but I can do with out all this getting older mumbo jumbo. : )


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  1. He'll always be your baby, no matter what stage he's at...Cheers. Great images!