Thursday, July 16, 2009

Who doesn't love when the delivery man rings the door bell? ~ Oregon City Portrait Photographer

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I've had a lot of fun stuff delivered in the last week or so and there's still more on the way. Yay!
Above you can see, although small hopefully you can see, my new handy neck strap with the awesome minky fabric on the inside (sooo cozy), new referral cards from my last family session, referral bookmarks from Marinas session, and half of the 3x3 accordian album from Millers. 
I'm still waiting on my 20x30 gallery wrap from Canvas on Demand. Never ordered from them, so we'll see how the quality is! And also my new 5x7 promo postcards from Gotprint. Delivery days are my favorite!

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  1. Great goodies! The referral cards/bookmarks are so cute. Great idea!